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Who is responsible for repairs?

Over time, normal wear and tear in your home is expected to occur.

  • Which repairs are One Vision Housing responsible for?

    As your landlord, we are responsible for:

    • Structural repairs – walls, roof, floors, stairs
    • External drains, gutters, pipes
    • External doors, windows, windowsills/catches
    • Internal walls, floors, ceilings, doors, skirting boards
    • Sinks, basins, toilets, baths (wear and tear)
    • Integrated garage, outhouses, storerooms
    • Electrical wiring, gas piping heating systems, water heaters
    • Central heating, chimneys, chimney stacks, flues
    • Boundary fences, walls and gates (only where they border a footpath, road or other public area)
    • External paths and steps (only those classed as access routes)
    • Communal areas in blocks of flats
    • Any external outhouse or connected part of the building within the curtilage of the building (we reserve the right to remove these facilities where they are unsafe or uneconomical to maintain)

    We rely on you to report repairs as soon as possible, and to provide access to our operatives to ensure that the repair can be completed within our agreed timescales.

    Visit our guide to reporting repairs for more information.

  • Which repairs are you responsible for?

    As our customer, you are responsible for:

    • Rechargeable repairs
    • Keeping your home in a reasonable condition
    • Providing adequate descriptions when reporting repairs
    • Granting reasonable access to operatives working on behalf of us to carry out repairs
    • Gardening
    • Repair or replacement of your own floor coverings
    • Internal decorations and decorative features such as architraves, picture rails, internal glazing, minor cracks or uneven surfaces to internal plastering work
    • Accessory items including – light bulbs, wash basin and bath, plugs, toilet seats, metre cupboard keys, radiator keys, curtain rails/blinds
    • Replacing damaged or lost keys, adding additional locks
    • Replacing fixtures and fittings, including bathroom and kitchen units, internal and external doors due to misuse or damage
    • Managing infestations (i.e. insects, rodents, bees and wasps)
    • Unblocking of sinks, basins, toilets, drains and pipes due to misuse or damage
    • Prevention and controlling condensation

    You are also responsible for any repairs and rubbish removals necessary when leaving your home.

    For more information, please refer to your Tenancy Agreement.

  • What are rechargeable repairs?

    Although we are responsible for most major structural repairs to our properties, some are the responsibility of the customer. These are usually caused by damage or negligence and are called ‘rechargeable repairs’ and so the customers will be liable to pay for the repair work.

    Should your home need a rechargeable repair due to damage or negligence, you can either:

    • Ask us to complete the repair for you – this will incur upfront costs
    • Employ your own tradesperson at your cost

    Learn more in our Rechargeable Repairs Policy.

  • Damp, mould and condensation

    If you suspect damp, mould or condensation issues in your home, please report this by calling us immediately on 0300 365 1111. You can also visit our guide to damp, mould and condensation for more support.

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