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Understanding One Vision Housing tenancies

Here at One Vision Housing we provide a range of rental options from Rent to Buy and Private Rent to commercial lettings of shops and social housing.

Governed by the Regulator of Social Housing, One Vision Housing provides quality affordable homes across the North West of England. Providing rental options to suit all needs and circumstances, creating equal opportunities for all.

Our properties are listed on our website and can be found on the handy property search, in addition we have a range of homes available through Choice Based Lettings.

  • Social Rent

    Our Social Housing provides affordable and quality homes. It is cheaper to rent a Social Housing property than privately rented homes and usually provides a long-term tenancy option, providing customers with security.

    Social rent is set lower than Affordable Rent homes. Affordable Rent homes are set at 80% of the market rate.

    Our Social Housing properties are generally advertised through a local Choice Based Lettings provider; this enables customers to bid for properties, with homes being allocated on a priority basis.

  • Affordable Rent

    Most of our new homes are let through Affordable Rent. Affordable Rent is set at up to 80% of the market rate. Due to the rental rates for Affordable Rent, customers will find it costs less to rent an Affordable Rent home to letting a private property.

    Affordable Rent homes are also allocated on a need basis through a local Choice Based Lettings provider.

    Choice Based Lettings
  • Private Rent

    Private rental customers will have a contract which outlines a fixed-term or periodic tenancy agreement. The agreement between ourselves and the customer enables them to live in a property at the open market rent as long the tenancy agreement and legal terms are abided by.

    Rental payments are outlined in the Tenancy Agreement and are set according to the open market valuation.

  • Shared Ownership

    Shared Ownership enables buyers to purchase between 10% and 75% of a new build home.

    Customers will secure a smaller mortgage to buy their chosen property, which means a reduced deposit too. In addition to mortgage repayments, customers are required to pay rent directly to us for the remaining share.

    Shared Ownership customers are actively encouraged to Staircase, this is a Shared Ownership term which simply means to buy more of the property when / if financially possible.

  • Rent to Buy

    Rent to Buy customers rent their home at a reduced rate to save towards a deposit on their first home.

    Rent to Buy homes are let at a low rent rate capped at 80% of the open market value. This enables the budding homeowners to save towards a deposit whilst renting a quality new build home.

    Rent to Buy customers should rent their home for a minimum period of five years with a view to buy it outright on completion of their agreement. In addition, Rent to Buy customers do have an option to purchase their property through Shared Ownership before completion of their tenancy agreement.

  • Flat Leaseholders

    Flat Leasholder customers have purchased their home (apartment/flat) but do not hold the freehold to their property.

  • Shop and Garage Leaseholder

    A Shop and Garage Leaseholder rents a garage or commercial shop owned by One Vision Housing.

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This page was last updated on 24/01/2024