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Corporate social responsibility

We recognise our impact on the social and economic development of the areas we work in, and play an important role in contributing towards the growth and sustainability of the North West. 

We work within the ISO 26000 framework for social responsibility, which ensures we operate ethically with transparency in a way that improves the communities we serve. 

Through the framework, our approach to corporate social responsibility addresses:

  • 1. Organisational governance

    We practice accountability and transparency across all levels of our organisation, and our leadership team champions a workplace culture which values social responsibility when making business decisions.

    We incorporate social and environmental considerations in our decision making process and are accountable for the impact these decisions and activities have on society and the environment.

  • 2. Human rights

    We treat all individuals with respect and provide inclusive services to all; making special efforts to help people from vulnerable groups.

  • 3. Labour practices

    We provide fair, safe and healthy conditions for our employees and welcome two-way discussions around colleague concerns.

  • 4. Environment

    We identify and improve upon the environmental impact of our operations, including resource use and waste disposal.

  • 5. Fair operating practices

    We respect the law and practice accountability and fairness in our dealings with other businesses and suppliers.

  • 6. Consumer issues

    We provide good quality homes and services to our customers, give accurate information and promote sustainability. 

  • 7. Community involvement and development

    We create job opportunities, work with local enterprises and build vibrant neighbourhoods. We are dedicated to having a presence in our communities and encourage our colleagues to get involved as much as they can.

    Through our Community Development Fund we work closely with partner organisations to build a better future for our customers, supporting thousands of beneficiaries each year as we create opportunities and change lives within our communities.

How we formed our approach to corporate social responsibility

We considered a number of factors, including:

  • Interactions with organisations we work with
  • The impact our decisions and activities has on stakeholders
  • Legally-binding obligations such as applicable laws and regulations 
  • Social, economic and environmental obligations that may exist in enforceable contracts
  • Ethics outlined in codes of conduct
  • Guidelines outlined in memberships and associations we belong to

Recognising that social responsibility is a continuous process, we have integrated it throughout our core decisions and activities, including:

  • Making social responsibility integral to our policies, strategies and operations 
  • Embedding social responsibility into our organisational culture 
  • Considering the impact of our decisions during the planning stage of new activities 
  • Reviewing activities on an ongoing basis, to determine whether additional issues need to considered
  • Sharing internal and external communications around social responsibility 

How we report on social responsibility

We collectively report on our environmental, social and governance activities.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we complete a self-assessment annually across the ESG reporting framework which is reported to our board members and is also available to read online.

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This page was last updated on 01/09/2023