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Exchanging your home

One Vision Housing can help you move homes via a mutual exchange scheme. This scheme allows customers, with the consent of their Neighbourhood Housing Manager, to exchange their home with another One Vision Housing customer or any council/social landlord tenant in the UK that is also registered for mutual exchange.

The home swapping process

In order to benefit from our mutual exchange scheme you will need to register with Home Swapper and/or Property Pool Plus. Once registered you will need to complete an application which One Vision Housing will make a decision on.

If your application is successful:

We will write and tell you of our decision.

As part of your application we will conduct an inspection of your home, and if the exchange is approved you will be asked to sign a new tenancy agreement and a form which confirms that you have exchanged tenancies, and will make new applications for housing benefit or council tax benefit, or both, if necessary.

Tenants of other landlords will need to make sure that their application has also been agreed to and that their documents are signed and in order.

If you exchange into a One Vision Housing property, it is your responsibility to obtain an electrical check (certificate) before you can move into your home and you will also need to contact the appropriate utilities companies who will register you as the tenant, read any meters and connect your supply.

If your application is unsuccessful:

If unsuccessful, we will write to inform you of our decision and explain to you the reasons why we have refused your application.

If we agree to exchange on the condition that you do something, we will explain in writing what you must do.

Home Swapper

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National home swap scheme Home Swapper has over 130,000 homes available for mutual exchange.

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Property Pool Plus

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You can apply for a mutual exchange with Property Pool Plus by logging into your account and completing a new mutual exchange application.

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This page was last updated on 11/06/2024