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Commercial shops

If you’re looking to establish a business we have a range of commercial properties within our portfolio.

We’ve supported hundreds of leaseholders renting a commercial property, take their first step in business. Setting up a shop in a retail unit is hugely exciting for a business and we’re committed to providing competitive rental rates to encourage local businesses to thrive and succeed.


We have a number of garages available around Sefton to rent from just £10 per week.

Our garages are available through our dedicated Customer Service team who can provide information and agreements surrounding the rental of garages.

We let a large number of garages to customers who are keen to keep their vehicles off the road, whether that’s through a long-term let or just a few weeks, renting our garages is flexible and affordable.

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Discover more today by calling 0300 365 1111 or emailing

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Rent a garage today by calling 0300 365 1111 or emailing

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