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Environmental, social and corporate governance

We are striving to drive positive change within the housing sector and our robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) propositions play a vital role in setting our strategic direction.

Our ESG commitment

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we complete an annual self-assessment across the ESG reporting framework which is reported to our board members. 

This enables us to report on our performance in a transparent, consistent and comparable way.

  • Environmental

    Environmental criteria considers how we use energy and manage our environmental impact, with factors including:

    • Energy efficiency
    • Climate change
    • Carbon emissions
    • Biodiversity
    • Air and water quality
    • Waste management
  • Social

    Social criteria examines how we foster our people and culture, and how that has a ripple effect on our broader community. Factors include:

    • Inclusivity
    • Gender and diversity
    • Employee engagement
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Data protection and privacy
    • Community relations
    • Human rights
    • Labour standards
  • Governance

    Governance criteria considers our internal practices and procedures, creates transparency and ensures we adhere to industry best practice with factors including:

    • Leadership
    • Board composition
    • Executive compensation
    • Internal controls
    • Audit committee structure
    • Shareholder rights
    • Bribery and corruption
    • Lobbying
    • Political contributions
    • Whistle-blower programmes

Our ESG achievements

We are proud to create a real impact for those living within our homes, the wider community, businesses across the region, and the economy.


Energy efficiency

Over 71% of our existing homes have an Energy Performance Certification (EPC) rating of D or above. In 2022/23 65 of our homes benefitted from carbon efficiency renovations and we invested £29.3 million into building 157 new homes to an EPC rating of B or above.

Carbon emissions

Since 2010/11 we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint by 69%. As part of The Sovini Group, in 2022/23 we reduced fuel consumption per vehicle by an average of almost 4% and produced the equivalent to 3.04 CO₂ tonnes per full-time employee in relation to scope one (direct) and two (indirect) greenhouse gas emissions.


We have increased green spaces through the creation of community gardens across the North West and have introduced new communal areas for communities to enjoy together through our development programme.

Waste management

In 2022/23, we recycled almost 48 tonnes of packaging, 4.5 tonnes of confidential waste and 100% of office waste. We also recycled 100% of construction waste recycled from repair and maintenance works, refurbishments and development projects.


Social value

We are central to the creation of thriving, inclusive communities across the region, but our role doesn’t stop there! Our dedicated Stakeholder Engagement Team works hard to support local volunteering and community groups to achieve their goals each year. In 2022/23 we supported over 9.5 thousand people through our initiatives and generated £28.3 million in social value.

Value for money

Through the collaboration and innovation of our people, from colleagues and customers to our supply chain, we have developed a robust strategic plan to achieve value for money and excellence in the services we offer. In 2022/23, we saved £8.2 million in efficiencies including £700k in procurement efficiencies. We also earned £532 thousand through our Investment Policy.

Affordable rent

Our social rents are set in accordance with a formula determined by the Government, which considers location, condition, property size, and local earnings. In 2022/23, on average, our three-bedroom properties were 41.2% lower than in the market rent sector, and 16.5% lower than the local housing allowance.

Our homes

We are proud of our good quality homes that are safe, well managed and maintained to a high standard. In 2022/23, we invested £17.8 million into repairing and maintaining homes, £18.3 million into improving existing homes and £29.3 million into developing new homes.


Our homes

In 2022/23, 100% of our homes meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard and have valid Gas Safety Certificates.

National Housing Federation

We are compliant with the National Housing Federation’s ‘Excellence in Governance 2020 Code’, ensuring transparency and confidence in our activities. Our board has certified compliance for 2022/23.

Management systems

Our management systems are also UKAS accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.

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This page was last updated on 15/12/2023