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Whether you can dedicate a few minutes or a few hours, we have the perfect opportunity for you to get involved.

  • High-Rise Building Safety Group

    We are committed to providing safe and secure homes. As part of this commitment, we have set up a High-Rise Building Safety Group to discuss specific safety matters relating to our high-rise buildings.

    Commitment: Around two hours every three months (in person)

    Skills: Knowledge around health & safety issues. Experience as a high-rise tenant essential.

    Training: Induction training (around 1 hour). Additional health & safety training (two hours).

  • Communal Champion

    As a Communal Champion you will help be our eyes and ears in and around your communal areas. You will help ensure safety standards and report any concerns to us.

    Commitment: Around an hour each week.

    Skills: Knowledge around health & safety issues.

    Training: Induction training (around 1 hour). Additional health & safety training (two hours).

  • Environmental Champion

    Our Environmental Champions work on local environmental projects and initiatives in their communities. From community gardens to litter picking, as an Environmental Champion you can contribute to enhancing your local area and bring positive change to your community.

    Commitment: As much or as little as you want. Usually, a few hours a month (in person).

    Skills: Enthusiastic about the environment, desire to create change in your neighbourhood.

    Training: Induction training (around 1 hour).

  • Community Hero

    Creating a strong community is crucial for the wellbeing of our tenants. It helps you to connect with various people and organisations, reduce social isolation, improve health and wellbeing, and more. By becoming a Community Hero, you will work with our teams to support OVH sponsored events and initiatives in your community. This may include making tea and coffee, helping to set-up and tidy event spaces, or acting as an event steward.

    Commitment: As and when needed – usually around two to three hours every couple of months (in person).

    Skills: Good with people and passionate about helping others in your community.

    Training: Induction training (around 1 hour).

  • Training

    For access to guidance and training videos aimed at providing customers with knowledge on their rights, please visit HERE for more information.

Recent projects

Bootle Together Community Allotment

One Vision Housing have recently sponsored a large allotment space on Harris Dr in Bootle which customers are welcome to take part in. Contact Lotus Brook to find out more on how you can get involved.

Sovini’s BIG Community Christmas

In order to help ease the additional financial burden that Christmas can often bring to families, The Sovini Group united more than 40 organisations in the North West to implement Sovini’s BIG Community Christmas providing essential support to over 11k individuals, generating nearly £19m in social value. Find out more on how we supported our communities here.


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Access to guidance and training videos aimed at providing customers with knowledge on their rights.

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Expenses Policy

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A breakdown of the Customer Empowerment Expenses and Reimbursement Policy.

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Customer Scrutiny

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You can put in a request to the Customer Scrutiny Team to scrutinise a service.

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This page was last updated on 06/06/2024