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Community Call for Scrutiny

It is important that the wider body of customers that One Vision Housing serves has an opportunity to influence the areas of the business that the Customer Scrutiny Team will scrutinise.

The Community Call for Scrutiny has been introduced to allow customers to request that the Customer Scrutiny Team scrutinise an area of the business on your behalf.

How does it work?

If you are concerned about the quality of a service that One Vision Housing is offering you or your neighbours can approach the Customer Scrutiny Team to request that they scrutinise the service.   Before you can submit a Community Call for Scrutiny please read through the guidelines attached and complete the form. detailing your concerns, the actions you have taken to resolve your concerns, any service failures by One Vision Housing.

If the failure of the service affects other people, for example your neighbours, you will need to explain why this is. You can ask for support to complete this pro-forma and the Customer Scrutiny Team will identify an officer to help you.

Community Call for Scrutiny Guidelines

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This page was last updated on 18/01/2024