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Improvement works (leaseholders)

Leasehold Consultation Feedback

When we carry out certain major works on your building or introduce new services to the building in which you live, then under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 we may be required to carry out a consultation with you.

Major works and long term agreements

If we intend to carry out major works to the building in which you live (i.e. roof replacement) which will amount in a charge in excess of £250 to you and/or if we intend to introduce a new service (i.e. cleaning of the communal parts in your building) which will amount in an annual charge in excess of £100 to you, then we are required to carry out a consultation with you.

We will notify you of what service we intend to introduce and why we feel the service is necessary. This consultation will include us asking for your input into our proposals and depending on how we tender for services we may invite you to nominate a contractor from whom we should gain an estimate for services.


When we consult with you we are required to reply to any written observations you may have in relation to works or services we propose to introduce.

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This page was last updated on 24/09/2019