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Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) Information

One Vision Housing has fitted your home with an innovative but simple to use heating system known as an ‘Air Source Heat Pump’ made by NIBE, a Swedish company. The heating system replaces the need for a gas boiler but performs the same function. It runs on electricity so consequently there is no gas installation in your home.

You may notice white circular ducts in your kitchen and bathroom. The NIBE unit draws the air from these ducts into the unit and takes the heat from the air to help provide you with heating and hot water. The air taken out by the NIBE system is replaced by air coming into your house through ducts in the walls and is circulated through the home via the air gap under the internal doors.

We have fitted this type of heating system in your home for two main reasons:

  • To try to save you money on your household running costs in the face of increasing energy costs where gas has been rising more than electricity, and;
  • To help reduce carbon dioxide emissions (the main ‘Greenhouse gas’ responsible for climate change)

Select NIBE model number below to view user manual:


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This page was last updated on 02/03/2021