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Think Fire Safety: Escape routes

Published: 5/4/2021

Fitting smoke alarms is the first crucial step to protecting yourself and those you love from a fire. But what would you do if it went off?

Plan a safe escape

  • Plan an escape route and make sure everyone knows how to get out
  • Make sure exits are kept clear
  • The best route is the normal way in and out of your home
  • Plan a second route in case the first one is blocked
  • Take a few minutes to practise your escape plan
  • Review your plan if the layout of your home changes
  • Keep door and window keys where everyone can find them
Keep communal areas clear

Do not leave rubbish, bikes, mobility scooters, prams, furniture, carpets or any other items in any communal areas. All of these items are a fire risk and could prevent easy passage along the escape routes should you and others need to evacuate the block.

Fire safety

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Fire safety is extremely important at One Vision Housing. Here you will find information on what you can do to prevent a fire and what you should do in the event of a fire.

Fire safety

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