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Stay safe in the water this Summer

Published: 1/6/2024

With summer holidays approaching, Royal Life Saving Society UK has some simple and easy to follow tips to help keep you and your family safe this summer, whether you are on holiday in the UK or venturing abroad.

Taking these simple precautions will not only give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your family, but will also mean that your long awaited holiday does not turn into the unimaginable for all of the wrong reasons.

  • Top five tips
    1. Look out for lifeguards: Always swim at lifeguarded locations.
    2. Cold water shock: Open water can be much colder than expected, affecting your ability to swim.
    3. Don’t overestimate yourself: Stay close to shore to avoid currents and return easily.
    4. Rip currents: If caught, swim with the current and call for help.
    5. Never swim alone: Always have someone with you in case of emergency.
  • Water safety holiday tips
    • Research: Before you go, check for lifeguards, emergency contacts, and any water hazards at your destination.
    • Skip inflatables: Leave lilos and rubber rings for the pool. Strong currents can easily sweep them out to sea.
    • Swim smart: Make sure everyone in your family can swim and understands water safety basics.
    • Read & follow the rules: Always check and follow beach/pool signs and rules – they’re there for your safety.
    • Know your surroundings: Check the depth, layout, and any currents before entering the water.
    • Stay sober: Alcohol impairs judgment and swimming ability. Avoid it before entering the water.
    • Be tide-wise: Check tide schedules to avoid getting trapped by rising water. Be aware of rip currents.
    • Swim safely: Stay close to shore and avoid swimming near rocks, piers, or coral reefs.

By following the RLSS safety advice and ensuring your families understand water safety will contribute to you having enjoying the Summer season as much as possible.

For a full list of water safety tips, visit the RLSS UK website.

This page was last updated on 18/06/2024