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Sefton Children’s Services: Easier access to support with two new teams

Published: 4/5/2024

On 1st May 2024, Sefton Children’s Services launched a brand new way to access their services, with a focus on streamlined communication and getting the right help to families quickly. This ‘front door’ approach introduces two new teams:

  • Sefton Children’s Help and Advice Team (CHAT): This team is the first point of contact for professionals and the public who have concerns about a child’s safety and wellbeing. CHAT will assess the situation and determine the next steps, which could involve social worker intervention, referral to Sefton’s Early Help services, or signposting to appropriate community support.

  • Sefton Family Advice and Support Team (FAST): FAST provides similar services to CHAT, but focuses on early intervention for families who might benefit from support with a variety of issues. This could include anti-social behaviour, parenting challenges, managing debt, or fostering positive relationships within the family.

This new approach prioritises conversation over paperwork. By streamlining processes and focusing on open communication, Sefton Children’s Services aim to get to the heart of the issue quickly and efficiently, working collaboratively with the people who know the families best.

For more information on Sefton Children’s Services and the new CHAT and FAST teams and opening hours, please visit the web pages below:

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