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One Vision Housing support Safeguarding Adults Week 2022

Published: 5/11/2022

This week One Vision Housing are joining a nationwide campaign to help raise awareness of adult safeguarding and keep its communities safe.

The annual awareness week runs from the 21st to 27th of November in 2022 and is hosted by Ann Craft Trust, a leading UK support organisation for safeguarding adults and young people at risk.

At One Vision Housing we believe that every customer has the right to live safely, free from abuse and neglect, and recognise the impact this can have on victims, families, and the wider community.

Through our Independent Living Team, we provide specialist support and advice to those experiencing issues surrounding adult safeguarding.

So, what is adult safeguarding? Our Independent Living Team provide an insight in a series of videos:

What is safeguarding? – Avril, Independent Living Team Leader

What is hoarding – Aidan, Independent Living Officer

Self-neglect and mental health – Carley, Aids and Adaptions Officer

Online abuse and scams – Jennifer, Independent Living Officer

You can report abuse or suspected abuse to One Vision Housing via your Neighbourhood Services Officer or a member of our team by calling 0300 365 1111 or emailing enquiries@ovh.org.uk. You can also report abuse to a Health and Social care professional, or to the Police for any urgent concerns.

Visit our Guide to Safeguarding for more details on the types of abuse and support available.

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