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One Vision Housing partner with local agencies to help prevent homelessness amongst veterans

Published: 1/6/2021

One Vision Housing (OVH) and Pine Court Housing Association (PCHA), part of The Sovini Group, have partnered with local veteran support agencies to assist veterans and their families into housing.

Liverpool based Veterans HQ provide holistic support for veterans with regard to families, housing and those who find themselves in the criminal justice system. Since January 2021 they have helped to house over 50 veterans across the city region.

Veterans In Sefton offer a unique support programme, which aims to provide the emotional scaffolding needed to raise self-esteem, build confidence and improve mental health. They offer veterans assistance with housing, employment, dependency, finances and general well-being.

Working with Veterans HQ and Veterans In Sefton, OVH and PCHA have helped provide housing opportunities to a number of veterans in Merseyside who were at risk of being made homeless.

Veterans HQ have also been provided with complimentary days out on the Group’s Pride of Sefton canal boat, giving veterans and their families an opportunity to travel the hidden waterways of Liverpool.

Ian Tumilty, Families Officer for Veterans HQ, said:

“We have an excellent relationship with One Vision Housing and Pine Court Housing Association who have supported Veterans HQ not just with housing, but with days out on the Pride of Sefton canal boat. Those we have helped together have said they cannot believe how lucky they are to be in their properties and can’t thank us enough.”

Ian Mitchell, Managing Director of Housing for The Sovini Group, said:

“At The Sovini Group we remain committed to helping support Veterans, Reservists and the wider Armed Forces community however we are able to. We believe in success through collaboration, and by partnering with Veterans HQ and Veterans In Sefton, we are able to ensure that proper support is provided to those who have made huge sacrifices on our behalf.”

In 2018 the Government’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme awarded The Sovini Group with the Gold Award, their highest honour, in recognition for the Group’s outstanding support of the Armed Forces community. In addition, the Group also employs a number of Reservists and provides tailored support including an additional 10 days leave for training and unlimited unpaid leave if they are mobilised.

The Group will be recognising their local Armed Forces community, including employees who come from a military background, during Armed Forces Week 21-26 June by taking part in the national #ProudToBeAVeteran campaign. Armed Forces Week encompasses Reserves Day on Wednesday 23 June and culminates with Armed Forces Day on Saturday 26 June.

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