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National Scrutiny Week

Published: 3/7/2020

At One Vision Housing we are committed to providing our customers with plenty of opportunities to get involved and help to shape, influence and improve the services we deliver.

During National Scrutiny Week we would like to recognise our Customer Scrutiny Team who are in place to scrutinise and recommend improvements to services offered by One Vision Housing.

From scrutiny reviews of our Neighbourhood Walkabouts to most recently our Grounds Maintenance Service, our Customer Scrutiny team scrutinise a vast range of areas within the business.

Find out what it’s like being on the Tenant Scrutiny Panel from the team themselves…


As a dedicated member of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Service Review Group, I have enjoyed being a critical eye on service delivery and have been constructive in challenging established housing practises.

I have enjoyed representing One Vision Housing formally on a national level and engaging with other housing scrutiny teams.

Being an Involved Customer helps keep me informed of and part of local community issues which may affect the area where I live.

My advice to anyone joining a scrutiny team or becoming an involved tenant would be to keep an open mind and to always take a step back and consider the whole picture.


I would say that I am most proud of the scrutiny work I undertook as part of the Ground Maintenance review, we had quite a few problems with certain area’s (i.e. fly tipping, dog fowling, grass over grown over hanging trees etc.).

Since our review, the Grounds Maintenance team that come to my home have been excellent and no job is too much for them.

They are always so polite & friendly, and I’m proud of the work that they carry out. The gardens are amazing and they make you want to sit outside all the more.

I joined the Tenant Scrutiny Panel two years ago and was made to feel very welcome by other members of the team. It’s a privilege to be part of a successful team.


I have been on the Tenant Scrutiny Panel for a very long time now. We have done a  lot of scrutiny reviews over the years and when we asked for information about a scrutiny we were given all the help we needed. The Tenant Scrutiny Panel have solved a lot of problems together and recently we carried out a scrutiny on the Grounds Maintenance service and as a result our grounds have been improved.

I have spoken to other tenants from other social housing landlords and often they don’t feel as supported as we do. I have also found if you’re a tenant they will listen to what your problem is and try to resolve it as soon as possible.


Before I became a Tenant Scrutiny Panel team member, I was active in other voluntary areas for over two years. My role in the Tenant Scrutiny Panel has been very interesting and has included policy reviews, a review of telephone call backs for gas boiler appointments, complaint auditing amongst other initiatives.

At first it I was quite nervous and did not know what to expect, more-so I was able to achieve what was expected of me. In these roles, I did very soon find that the nervousness I felt was unnecessary as the people who I am involved with are fantastic. I have gained so much knowledge and as time goes on I feel more and more confident and I think that I will have more of an input to the meetings. I feel proud when some of my ideas/questions do get put forward as part of the scrutiny procedure. One of the most important aspects of this experience is that we all do make a difference and feel listened to. Involvement for myself is so exciting and also quite funny at times. I have never been involved with the inner workings of a housing association before and now I have such clever people around me who are always willing to help me with regards to any questions that I have. I cannot thank them enough.

I really enjoyed the scrutiny work we did the Grounds Maintenance service as we did make some big changes that have been put into practice, which was very exciting for me to see.

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