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Community Clean Up Day

Published: 5/5/2023

Fly-tipping has a damaging impact on our communities, and we are committed to identifying and taking positive steps to improve the issue.

To help keep your community clean and safe, in partnership with Sovini Waste Solutions on Wednesday 17th May from 10.30am -3.30pm we will be providing skips for customers to dispose of their unwanted household goods free of charge.

The locations of these skips can be found below;

  • Marsh Avenue, L20 0JD at the rear by the alleyway
  • Stone Square, L20 0DP at the entrance, near the car park
  • Smith Drive, L20 0DH at the entrance of the alleyway
  • 202 King Avenue, L20 0BZ at the entrance of Northfield FC Hub

Common examples of fly-tipping include dog fouling, placing bags of rubbish in communal arrears, communal car parks and on the edge of premises.

Fly-tipping and storing items in the communal area escape route is a breach of your tenancy agreement and can result in recharges and tenancy action being taken against you. We will recharge customers who are found to be fly-tipping for the cost of removal. This is both a timely and costly expense for all,that can easily be avoided by correct disposal.

Not only is fly-tipping and storing items in the communal areas a major fire hazard, it is not permitted under the Fire Safety Order and legal action could be taken against those who do not abide by this Order.

How to report fly-tipping:

If you are aware of anyone in your area not disposing of their rubbish correctly (as above), you may report this confidentially by contacting us on 0300 365 1111.

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