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Beware of disrepair!

Published: 2/4/2021

At One Vision Housing we are committed to providing safe and secure homes for our customers. It’s important for you to report your repairs to us so we can see to them in a timely manner before any further damage is caused.

Book a repair

If you have a repair you can report it to us online or over the phone.

My Account: Report repairs through our online portal, My Account!

ovh.org.uk/my-account (non-emergency repairs only)

Phone: 0300 365 1111

Email: enquiries@ovh.org.uk

Our promise to you

Emergency repairs will be responded to within 24 hours and within two hours if there is a threat to health, safety or security.

Non-emergency repairs will be carried out within 10 days of the repair being reported (subject to current Government guidelines, complex repairs by appointment).


Beware of disrepair claims

Disrepair companies may approach you to make a claim, but beware!

If your claim is unsuccessful you can be pursued for court costs.

OVH spend the equivalent of 100 new kitchens on disrepair costs every year.

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Manage your tenancy conveniently online through My Account! Book repairs, pay your rent, view accounts and more.

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