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A thriving future for Oxford House

Published: 4/4/2021

As part of our commitment to creating safe and secure homes, we are currently undertaking extensive refurbishment works at Oxford House in Bootle.

Resident’s homes are being updated with new, more controllable heating and ventilation systems, in addition to upgraded flat entrance doors.

Externally we are improving the thermal envelope of the building by installing external wall insulation and better performing windows. The building will also benefit from a new render system to give it a more modern and aesthetically pleasing look.

These measures combined will help to reduce the energy demand on each flat, in turn reducing energy bills and lowering our carbon footprint.

Further to this we have engaged the services of LJMU to carry out continuous monitoring of the energy demand before, during, and post construction works. AA projects are also engaging with residents to manage a behavioural change in energy use including how best to use the new heating and ventilation controls, ultimately improving their internal environment, reduce their energy demand and lower our carbon footprint.

Find out more on our environmental initiatives here.

These improvement works form part of Sefton Council’s RetroFIT for the FUTURE project. Funding provided by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has enabled the scheme to deliver improved thermal efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, reduce fuel poverty and improve the aesthetic look of the homes that are benefiting from the project.

Environmental initiatives

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Environmental Initiatives

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