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Role of the Board

The role of our Board is:

“To determine strategic direction and scrutinise and evaluate the organisation’s affairs and to ensure the organisation is managed efficiently through effective leadership”

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Defining and ensuring compliance with the values, vision, mission and strategic objectives of the association, ensuring its long term success
  • Establishing a framework for approving strategies, policies and plans to achieve those objectives
  • Satisfying itself as to the integrity of financial information and approve each year’s accounts prior to publication, and approve each year’s budget and business plan
  • Establishing and overseeing a framework for the identification, management and reporting of risk, in order to safeguard the assets of the association
  • Monitoring the association’s performance in relation to these strategies, plans, budgets, controls and decisions and also in the light of customer feedback and the performance of comparable organisations.

If you would like to find out more about the Board and its roles and responsibilities please call our Governance Team on 0300 365 1111.

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