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Effective handling of complaints

We use the performance data to identify areas where we need to improve, to help shape our services and provide good quality homes for our customers.

As a result of customer feedback, here are some of the improvements we have made:

  • Dedicated resources to drive improvements to the experience our customers receive.
  • Complaints are scrutinised to ensure they were dealt with effectively.
  • New processes have been put in place to capture more details from the outset of the complaint, with the aim of understanding of how and when customers preferred to be contacted, and what the expected outcome is from the complaint. This enables us to work towards a resolution more quickly, and in line with expectations where possible.

We will continue to collate data and share it with customers on a regular basis to be transparent about our performance, and provide customers with confidence in the services we deliver.

More information about our performance can be found here.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

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Our performance

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We use customer feedback to monitor and improve on our performance.

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This page was last updated on 07/07/2024