Aids and Adaptations

If you or a member of your family has difficulty living in your home due to a long-term illness or disability, we may be able to help by adapting your home to better meet your needs. In many cases, this service is free.

What are aids and adaptations?

Aids and adaptations are physical alterations to your property. Simple aids and adaptations often make it easier for a disabled or older person to continue leading an independent life in their home.

If you or someone you live with find it difficult to get around your home, you can request a visit by an occupational therapist. They will help decide what alterations would be suitable for your needs.

How do you apply for aids and/or adaptations?

Call 0300 365 1111 or email If you’re not sure about the adaptation you need, or major alterations are required, we would advise that you contact an Occupational Therapist for an assessment through your local authority.

Find out more in our Aids and Adaptations booklet.