Understanding Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy is a new Government backed housing scheme that enables you to live in a new home at a reduced rent whilst you save up for a deposit.

During the first five years, you may be able to buy your home using our affordable Shared Ownership (part buy/part rent) product and after five years, buy it outright.

Our Rent to Buy homes are available to working households who are intending to buy a home in the future but can’t afford to at the moment.


  • Move in to a brand new home
  • Pay a reduced rent (set at 80% of the market rent for the equivalent property)
  • A minimum of five years to save your deposit
  • Buy your home when you can afford to

Please note:

  • Current homeowners are not eligible for Rent to Buy
  • We can’t accept applications from people with adverse credit that has been registered within the last 12 months, including; County Court Judgements; Individual Voluntary Agreements and Debt Relief Orders
  • We do not accept applications with guarantors
  • Applicants subject to bankruptcy will be declined
  • We will consider applications from people with satisfied County Court Judgements that are more than 12 months old
  • If we are considering you for a home, we will request a credit reference
  • Minimum income threshold applies