Additional information for Leaseholders

Home Contents Insurance

As you own the leasehold interest in your property it is your responsibility to ensure the contents of your home are insured. We do offer you the opportunity to access the contents insurance our providers offer, to find out more click on the link on the left hand side of this page.

Access our Contractors Services

As you are a Leaseholder the interior of your property tends to be your own responsibility, for example the fitting of a new kitchen or bathroom. We are, however, able to offer you a quote for works from our approved contractors (note you are not obliged to use them but should you wish to take up their quote then we ask for payment upfront). To gain a quote for any internal works please contact us.

Leaseholder Service Standards

We will:

  • Answer your call via our Customer Service Centre within 30 seconds
  • Provide you with an annual service charge bill in a clear and appropriate format
  • Consult with you prior to any major works (costing you over £250) or long term agreements (which will result in a service charge of over £100 per year to you)
  • Listen to you and respond to all enquiries and complaints fairly, consistently and confidentially.

Leaseholder Advice

You may also want to visit the Leasehold Advisory Service website which includes a range of useful information on topics such as:

  • Service Charges
  • Consultation
  • Lease Extension
  • Buying the Freehold

Find the Leasehold Advisory Service website here: 

Lease Agreement Guide

Your Lease agreement stipulates your responsibilities as a Leaseholder as well as our responsibilities as the freeholder. Lease agreements are legally binding documents and should any dispute or query arise then you should always refer to the agreement. The solicitor you used when purchasing your property should have provided you with a copy of your agreement but if you do not have one we are able to issue you a copy version (a charge of £25 plus VAT applies).