Leaseholder information and invoicing

As a leaseholder you may be required to pay One Vision Housing specific service charges, under the terms of your lease agreement.

Service charges are your contribution towards the costs of services, which can include the provision of security (including CCTV and door entry); cleaning, heating and lighting of communal areas, as well as grounds maintenance and other services.

Details of the service charges will be confirmed in your annual service charge invoices.

Each year we will issue you with two invoices, as follows:

Estimated service charge invoice

You will receive this in February/March each year. This invoice is an estimate of the service charge costs likely to arise in the forthcoming year, helping you to budget and giving you an opportunity to raise any queries you may have. This invoice becomes payable from 1st April.

The charges included on the invoice will depend upon the services you receive and the obligations outlined in your lease. The service charges typically include building insurance, communal cleaning, door entry and CCTV, grounds maintenance and communal electricity/lighting.

This invoice will also include estimated costs of any repairs carried out within communal areas or to the external fabric of the building (e.g. roof repairs or external walls).

Actual service charge invoice

You will receive this in September each year. This invoice informs you of the actual service charge costs which have been incurred by OVH in order to provide the services to your block and/or its communal areas for the previous year.

This invoice will also confirm the actual costs incurred by OVH in completing responsive (day to day) repairs and maintenance within the communal areas of your block of flats or to the external fabric of the building e.g. roof repairs or external walls. Any under or over recovery of costs will be adjusted at this time.