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Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and Building Societies

It is important to save in order to protect yourself from any unexpected costs that may come along. Saving is also far cheaper than credit as you receive interest for your money rather than pay it against borrowings. There are a number of ways that you can save. A reputable bank or building society will have a number of products, some can offer higher interest rates, others can give easy access to your money. The choice of savings account depends on what is most suitable for you. Some accounts may restrict you from getting you money for between 30 – 90 days however the interest you receive will be higher than savings accounts that offer instant access. These accounts can be useful as they remove the temptation to withdraw the money, however stiff penalties can be incurred if the money is needed quickly. Instant savings accounts will generally offer very low interest rates but will be very flexible in the way you can access your money.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions offer a good rate of return on savings and being a member gives access to other benefits depending on what arrangements the Credit Union has. They can assist with loans, and often help with things like budgeting advice. They are non profit making organisations that can assist with a range of financial arrangements. Credit Unions are more community focused and will have been set up due to a local need. One Vision Housing has signed an agreement with Sefton Credit Union to work with them and recommend them to our tenants.

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