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Affordable Warmth

Affordable warmth is the ability to heat your home to an adequate level for household comfort and health, without developing debt as a result. Below you will find information on fuel poverty and how our Affordable Warmth programme might benefit you.

What is Fuel Poverty?

Fuel poverty is an inability to adequately heat your home due to the cost. The Government recognises that any household that spend in excess of 10% of their income are experiencing fuel poverty.

Home Energy Checks

We are currently working with customers to reduce home energy bills and are delivering a programme of visits to address these issues. Our home energy checks are FREE and should take no longer than one hour.

By reducing the amount of money you spend on energy and making you aware of any benefits you may be eligible for, we hope to help you avoid building up debt.

Our staff can visit your home, review your energy use and provide you with some money-saving tips including:


  • Grants/loans for home improvements
  • Loft and cavity wall insulation
  • Switching to a lower cost energy supplier
  • Social tariffs (special rates for vulnerable residents)
  • How to deal with unpaid fuel bills
  • Claiming the benefits you are entitled to
  • Energy efficiency in the home to keep bills down

Affordable Warmth Officer

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If you think you could benefit from our Affordable Warmth programme, please contact our Affordable Warmth Officer, on 0300 365 1111 or email enquiries@sovini.co.uk

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This page was last updated on 04/09/2019