Our Communities

Our communities are diverse and unique. Every member of our staff and each of our customers are part of the wider community and we recognise that our responsibilities do not begin and end with the renting of homes.

We believe we have a crucial role to play in the strengthening and support of our communities. As such we work closely with our community partners and offer financial support through our Community Development Fund.

We want to try and ensure that our customers have the very best opportunities, services and options available to them – wherever they live.

It is our promise to customers that we develop, strengthen and support not only housing needs but the neighbourhoods we work in, investing in environmental works and creating opportunities that help communities to thrive and grow.

Our commitment goes further than bricks and mortar. We want to provide long lasting legacies that are developed from your involvement and encouragement.

For more information about our communities and the things we are doing please visit the Your Neighbourhoods section.