Your options

We want to make sure our tenants don’t end up in debt and know where to turn to for advice about how to deal with the changes imposed through Welfare Reform.

I want to stay in my property – what can I do?

If you are under-occupying but don’t want to move, you can stay in your property, but (from April 2013) you will have to pay the shortfall in your housing benefits.

If you are living in a home which is too big for your needs, and you will not receive housing benefit to cover your rent in the future, so you will need to plan ahead to ensure that you don’t lose your home.

This might mean:

  • Reducing your weekly outgoings so that you can afford to pay the extra rent
  • Finding work to help you pay the extra rent.
  • Moving to a smaller home

We can offer you help to:

  • Get into training or find work
  • Claim other benefits you may be entitled to
  • Move to a smaller home if this will suit your needs
  • Handle money matters and budgeting
  • Reduce your fuel bills.

I want to move to a smaller property

If you want to move to a smaller property, you can apply for a different property through our Home Swapper scheme. However, we may not have enough properties to be able to move everyone who needs a smaller home.

One way that you may be able to move to a smaller property is by swapping your home with another housing association tenant. This can be done through our Property Pool Plus scheme.