Bedroom Tax

The Government has announced that it will be making changes to the way benefits are paid. These changes will apply to all housing association tenants who receive benefits.

The changes include a reduction in housing benefits for those who have more bedrooms than the Government says they need. These changes will only affect people of working age and in receipt of housing benefit.

These changes are being made by the Governmentnot One Vision Housing – but we want to help you if you are affected.

From April 2013, if you have one bedroom more than you need your housing benefit will be reduced by 14% of the weekly rent. If you have two or more bedrooms more than you need, your housing benefit will be reduced by about 25%.This will equate to an average of between £10 and £26  per week, depending on the under occupancy.

How will these changes affect me?

From April 2013, housing benefit rules will say that:

  • One bedroom will be allowed for each person or couple living in a household
  • Two children under 16 of the same sex will be expected to share a bedroom
  • Two children under 10 will be expected to share a bedroom regardless of their sex
  • A carer may be entitled to a separate bedroom if you or your partner needs overnight care.

This easy to use calculator enables you to see the effect of forthcoming (from April 2013) changes to Housing Benefit for tenants in the social rented sector.