Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been agreed by One Vision Housing customers, and cover the service areas of most importance to them.

They are a vital part of measuring performance, they allow us to monitor our services and ensure that  a consistent level of quality is maintained.

Each KPI has a target which OVH intends to meet by the end of the year. In each of the quarterly reports (listed on the right of this page) compares the quarter’s achievements to the annual targets.

The primary KPI’s are based on the topics most important to our tenants:

  • Repairs
  • Rents
  • Lettings and maintaining empty properties
  • Anti social Behaviour and Nuisance
  • Development programme

Performance Indicators aren’t the only way we monitor performance, however. Please visit our Customer Care – Service Standards page to see how we are performing against standards of service, also put in place after consulting our customers.