The homeswapping process

What happens after One Vision Housing has made a decision?

We will write and tell you of our decision.

If we refuse your application, we will explain why. If we agree to the exchange on condition that you do something, we will explain in writing what you must do.

If we agree to your application, you and your exchange partner must go to the neighbourhood housing office handling the exchange. At the neighbourhood housing office you will be asked to sign a new tenancy agreement. You will have to sign a form which confirms that you have exchanged tenancies, and make new applications for housing benefit or council tax benefit, or both, if necessary.

Tenants of other landlords will need to make sure that they have had the exchange agreed and that their documents are signed and in order.

If you exchange into a One Vision Housing property, it is your responsibility to obtain an electrical check (certificate) before you can move into your home.

You also need to contact the appropriate utilities who will register you as the tenant, read any meters and connect your supply.