Exchanging your home

We can help you move homes via a mutual exchange scheme.

An exchange is where tenants agree to swap properties and tenancies. Tenants may, with the consent of the neighbourhood housing manager, exchange their home with another One Vision Housing customer or a customer of:

  • Another housing association or registered provider
  • A local council
  • Through Property Pool Plus

Once you have completed your free registration, you can exchange your home with another One Vision Housing tenant or any council or social landlord tenant in the UK that is also registered for mutual exchange.

How to exchange

You can exchange by registering with Home Swapper and/or Property Pool Plus

Home Swapper

National home swap scheme Home Swapper has over 130,000 homes available for mutual exchange.

Visit the scheme by clicking on this link: www.homeswapper.co.uk.

Property Pool Plus

  • Log in to your account on: propertypoolplus.org.uk
  • Click ‘My Mutual Exchange’
  • Complete a new mutual exchange application.