Find a home in Merseyside

One Vision Housing is a member of Merseyside Property Pool Plus, a choice-based lettings allocation scheme that allows you to search a bid on your preferred locations and properties.

New properties are listed from Tuesday midnight until Sunday midnight each week.

To receive updates of the Property Pool Plus properties available each week in Sefton, subscribe with your name and email address HERE

Get started

To get started and view the latest properties click on the link below:

PPP Website Basic Instructions

How to register

You can register for Property Pool Plus online at or call us on  0300 365 1111 to receive a paper application form (with a variety of formats and languages available).

If you need help with anything relating to our Home Search service call us or email

Ways to bid

You will need to have registered with us in order to bid for properties and can bid for up to three properties each week in the following ways:

Don’t be worried by the word ‘bid’, as you won’t be parting with any money. All this means is that you wish to be considered for the property or properties you have expressed an interest in.

Homes ‘Available Now’

We may have some additional properties available listed on the homes available now page, for these you needn’t bid through Property Pool Plus, just call us and we will arrange a viewing, etc.