Your Tenancy

A ‘Tenancy Agreement’ is a legal contract which sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and the rights and responsibilities of One Vision Housing as your landlord.

Types of tenancy agreement

There are different types of tenancy agreements available with One Vision Housing depending upon when you became a tenant, or the type of home that you rent from us.


Social Housing let at a social rent:

Protected assured (non-shorthold) tenancy

This type of tenancy agreement was designed to ensure that tenants keep the key rights they enjoyed as a secure tenant of Sefton Council after the transfer to One Vision Housing. It includes special succession rights and the Preserved Right to Buy your home.

Assured (non-shorthold) tenancy

You will be an assured (non-shorthold) tenant if you have held your tenancy with OVH for 12 months and received no notification that your Starter Tenancy has been extended.

Assured (shorthold) tenancy or starter tenancy

As a new tenant, you may have been given what is known as a Starter Tenancy, which is another name for a type of Assured (shorthold) Tenancy.

If you have conducted your tenancy in a satisfactory manner, it will convert to an Assured Tenancy after 12 months and you will gain additional rights.

Secure tenancy

These were tenancies granted by Venture Housing under the 1985 Housing Act. The grounds under which a Possession Order can be made for a secure tenancy differ to those from an Assured Tenancy.


Social tenancies let at an affordable rent

Assured shorthold tenancy (up to 5 years fixed term)

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy is a type of tenancy which can be ended at the end of the fixed term by serving a ‘Section 21 Notice’ and then applying to the County Court for a Possession Order. The tenancy can be ended during the fixed term period but only if you have breached the terms of the agreement, and the County Court agrees to give possession of the property to OVH.

At the end of the fixed term period, OVH will decide whether to offer you a new fixed term tenancy, or to regain possession of the property so it can be let to a new tenant.


Market Rent Properties

Assured shorthold tenancy

These are tenancies are similar to above, but are given for a shorter fixed term period. At the end of the fixed term period, they can continue as a ‘periodic tenancy’ or you may be offered a further fixed term tenancy.


Your rights

You can stay in your home for as long as you choose, but you must keep to the conditions of your tenancy agreement

  • You can live in your home in peace and quiet
  • You can have access to your home, including any shared areas, at all times.