High Rise Living

We have several high rise blocks located across Sefton, housing hundreds of tenants and leaseholders.

These properties are idea for those living alone or couples. Their general low maintenance and one level floor plan make them particularly appealing to those who don’t want the hassle of managing outside spaces. They also benefit from 24 hour CCTV security and secure door entry.

High Rise living with One Vision Housing:

  • Whimbrel House, Bootle L20
  • Cygnet House, Bootle L20
  • Wren House, Bootle L20
  • Willow House, Seaforth L21
  • Irlam House, Bootle L20
  • Alexander House L21
  • Chapel House L22
  • Dean House L22
  • Strand House, Bootle L20 (Exclusive to applicants over 55)
  • Oxford House, Bootle L20 (Exclusive to applicants over 55)