Medium Level Involvement

This involves a moderate amount of time and provides a medium level of influence.

Residents’ Groups – usually once a month.

A residents’ group is a group of people living in an area, block or street who have come together to take up issues of common concern in relation to their housing and community.

A residents’ group is also a voluntary body of tenants representing the views of its membership and local residents to their landlord, the local authority and any other interested stakeholders.

For residents wishing to set up a group in their area, we can help by offering start-up and top-up grants of £150 a year, and can assist groups with booking venues for meetings and also sourcing funding opportunities.

One Vision Housing currently has five residents’ groups that represent tenants and residents in a specific road or area. They are run by a committee and are democratically elected by its members. They each plan outings for their local community, these are;

  • Smithy Green
  • Willow House
  • Oxford House
  • Captains Lane
  • St Johns Court

If you would like to join or start a residents group please get in touch. Please contact Lizz on 0300 365 1111