High Level Involvement

This level of involvement means you will be dedicating several hours of your time each month, however you will have the highest level of influence.

Board Membership
Board members make big decisions about how OVH is run. Of the 10 board positions, four are customers and new applications are always welcome.

Scrutiny Team
This team is made up of customers and involves scrutinising and examining One Vision Housing’s services to ensure all tenants are getting the best service. They also play an important role by contributing towards major decisions.

Tenant Inspectors Inspectors are customers who can be called in to inspect and review any area of the business that might need looking at and make recommendations on how to improve it.

Service Review Groups (SRG)
Service Review Groups – or ‘SRGs’ look in detail at particular areas of our business e.g. Customers and Neighbourhoods, Repairs and Maintenance or Customer Empowerment. They will help us shape, influence and improve the services we deliver.

Each of the three SRG groups have approx 10-12 members, people who meet every two months to talk about different areas of OVH services.


If you would like to get involved please call Tracy or Lizz on 0300 365 1111. They can also provide copies of Service Review Group meeting agendas and minutes on request.