Tenant Inspector Audits

To assess and feedback on some of the key services we offer to our customers, we call on a dedicated group of volunteers – the OVH Tenant Inspectors.

Currently, the Tenant Inspectors are involved in the following audits, with results produced by the Performance & Customer Insight Team:

  • Void Inspections – Before a property is relet to a new customer, it is cleaned and any necessary repairs are undertaken. This inspection looks at a sample of properties which are ready to be let with the Tenant Inspectors providing feedback on the standard including any suggestions for improvements. These inspections are undertaken quarterly.
  • Communal Cleaning Inspections – Quarterly inspection of high rise/low rise properties. As with the Void Inspection, Tenant Inspectors attend a sample of properties and provide feedback on the quality of cleaning.
  • Mystery Shopping – Audit of the Customer Service Centre. This consists of telephone calls, which measure the customer service and knowledge of staff. Please note, this activity is currently being reviewed.

Up to date results are attached on the right hand side of this page. Any future inspections will be reported on this page.

If you wish to become a Tenant Inspector, and get involved in the work they undertake to improve the service for customers, then please follow the link at the right of this page. This will provide you with all the information you need to become an involved tenant.