Properties listed this week

There are  new Sefton-based properties available for bidding on Property Pool Plus this week.

They include

11 one bedroom properties
7 two bedroom properties
3 three bedroom properties
1 four bedroom property
5 independent living properties.

View the full list HERE: PPP Advert WC 19.02.2018

You will be able to bid on up to three properties each week, but you must bid before midnight on Sunday.

Find more information about Property Pool Plus and how you can register HERE.

Available Now?

If you prefer not to use Property Pool Plus or if you want to move right away, you should check our Available Now Properties The page includes an enquiry form where you can register your interest and arrange a viewing, alternatively you can call us directly on 0300 365 1111.

You can also find updates about Sefton properties on the Sefton Property Pool Facebook page: Advert WC 15.01.2018