Afternoon Tea at Mill Spring Court following our refurbishment

As part of our ongoing effort to make all of our retirement schemes accessible for people living with dementia, we recently completed our refurbishment of Mill Spring Court, in Bootle.

We worked with Sovini Property Services to redevelop all the communal areas of the property, including the communal lounge, corridors and entrances.

The entire property was given a refresh, with new paint and wallpaper, carpets and fittings throughout, with each section given its own distinctive colour scheme. This was done to help anyone living with dementia navigate the building easily.

Our residents were consulted throughout the refurbishment, and chose the fabrics and colours for all of the soft furnishings, carpets, window blinds and curtains.

To thank the residents for their involvement throughout the refurbishment, we held an afternoon tea event to officially reopen the communal lounge and the residents were invited to attend and give their feedback. It was overwhelmingly positive, with everyone pleased with the results and that they had been given the opportunity to be involved during the redesign process.

Following the completion of the refurbishment, the residents at Mill Spring Court said:

“It makes us want to be in the communal lounge more, because we can relax in the beautiful chairs and the atmosphere is calm and friendly.”, “Having a fire place makes the communal lounge feel very homely.”, “The curtains are beautiful and make the place look fresh and bright.” And that the property was now “Nice, bright and fresh all around.”